Zhipeng Gao

This website was last updated in 2019, when I joined the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Simon Fraser University as a SSHRC postdoctoral fellow.
Please visit my new website at https://sites.google.com/view/zhipenggao
My permanent email address is: zgao.phd <at> gmail.com


I received Ph.D. (2018) from the Historical, Theoretical, and Critical Studies of Psychology program at York University, Toronto, Canada. I have published in three areas: sociocultural psychology, history of psychology, and theoretical psychology. As a sociocultural psychologist, I research on identity, stereotype, and intergroup relations both inside China and in China's interaction with the Western world. I also examine the construction and reception of moral ideals and social deviance. As a historian of psychology, I study psychology's involvement in China's communist revolution and the Cold War. On the theoretical side, I work on the use of qualitative strategies to equip experimental design with greater cross-cultural sensitivity. My research projects have a shared commitment to social justice and cultural diversity. My select publications can be found in Social Anthropology, History of Psychology, History of Science, Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology, Narrative Inquiry, and Chinese Sociological Dialogue.

Faculty & School/Dept.

Faculty of Health - Department of Psychology

Locations / Contact Info:                                Email address: zhipengg@yorku.ca

Behavioural Science Building                            Websites:
4700 Keele Street                                                    GoogleScholar
Toronto, On., Canada                                            Researchgate
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Phone: 647-7033714


PhD - 2018
York University

Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies - 2018
York University

MA - 2013
York University

BSc - 2010
Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Tianjin, China

Select Publications

Gao, Z. (In press). Forging Marxist psychology in China’s Cold War geopolitics, 1949-1965. In H. Y. Wu (Ed.) Special issue “History of psychology and psychiatry in the global world”. History of Psychology.

Bischoping, K. & Gao, Z. (Conditionally accepted). “Learn from Lei Feng!”: Generations and practices of remembering a Chinese communist hero.In F. Macgilchrist & R. Richtera (Eds.) Special issue “The politics and practices of memory media in history education”. Historical Encounters.

Gao, Z. (2019). Psychology. In H. Chiang. (Ed.)The Making of the Human Sciences in China: Historical and Conceptual Foundations (pp. 283-302). Leiden: Brill.

Gao, Z. & Bischoping, K. (2019). The Communist hero and the April Fool’s joke: A case study in the cultural politics of authenticity and fakery. In M. Krings, C. Kilian & J. Beek (Eds.) Special issue “An anthropology of defrauding and faking”. Social Anthropology. Early View: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/1469-8676.12593

Gao, Z. & Bischoping, K. (2018). The emergence of an elder-blaming discourse in 21st-century China. In L. L. Thang & W-J. J. Yeung (Eds.) Special issue “Elder-care issues in Southeast and East Asia”.Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology, 33(2), 197-215.

Bischoping, K. & Gao, Z. (2018). Reframing generations scholarship through the eyes of everyday Chinese.Chinese Sociological Dialogue, 3(2), 133-147.

Bischoping, K. & Gao, Z. (2017). Story sequencing and stereotyping: A case study from talk about the crowded buses of China. Narrative Inquiry, 27(1), 85-108.

Yan S-C. & Gao, Z. (2017). 信札中的微观历史:黄翼形重错觉研究报告的曲折境遇 [A microhistory in letters: What happened to I. Huang’s research reports on the size-weight illusion?]. 心理学报 [Acta Psychologica Sinica], 49(4), 554-568.

Gao, Z. (2015). Pavlovianism in China: Politics and differentiation across scientific disciplines in the Maoist era. In H. Chiang (Ed.), Special issue “Ordering the social: History of the human sciences in modern China”. History of Science, 53 (1), 57-85.



Katherine Bischoping, York University
Thomas Teo, York University
Shuchang Yan, Hebei Normal University


Curriculum Vitae:

CV - Gao, Z. York University